WRAC Featured Artist of the month – Wayne Letkeman

WRAC Featured Artist May 2019 Wayne Letkeman.

For this month, the Winnipeg River Arts Council features visual artist Wayne Letkeman, a commercial pilot employed by Adventure Air in Lac du Bonnet. In 2016, while living in Thompson, he started painting. He moved back to this area last summer, but he had lived here previously while working at Tantalum Mining.

Letkeman is a self-taught artist, using oil as his medium. Like many people, he never felt that he had much artistic talent. But his purchase of a home a few years back motivated him to try his hand at painting. He needed to decorate his new place but found that he did not like any of the interior decorations available in stores. So he decided to try creating some himself.
While flying and living in the North, he had many opportunities to see the Northern Lights. He began to try recreating those images and discovered he really enjoyed the results. Although he has not had any formal training, he wanted to learn more.

One of Letkeman’s paintings, a work depicting the Northern Lights, was chosen to be included in a six month art show currently travelling around Manitoba. This exhibition will conclude in October. Also, his work was selected to be exhibited at several galleries in Southern Manitoba in 2020. Feeling inspired by this recognition, he plans to create many more paintings. Letkeman also enjoys landscape and seascape, with ambitions to go in different directions, depending on his increasing growth in artistic quality.

He said, “Although I’m not sure at this time if my skills could lead into teaching, I have developed a passion which is enjoyable and relaxing.”

To check out his work, interested people can follow his Instagram account – wletkeman300. They can also enjoy samples of his art by visiting his website at http://www.paintingpilot.com.